Why an AniCura vet?

Why choose an AniCura vet? Here you will read the top five reasons, though there are many more.

1. Many Veterinary Clinics Provide Better Care Than One

The best animal hospitals and clinics work together at AniCura. Why? To ensure the best care for your pet. With this we want to reassure you as much as possible during your visit. Thanks to our international network of specialists, all our veterinarians are always fully aware of the latest developments in veterinary medicine. Your pet is therefore in good hands with us.

2. Collaborate and learn

Only the best for your pet. That is why we ensure that all our veterinarians have had the correct training. So not only obtaining the title of 'veterinarian', but we also ensure that they receive regular refresher training.

And not only that: because we work together internally, every veterinarian and veterinary assistant has access to the knowledge and experience of thousands of colleagues. If the right expertise is not available at the clinic you are visiting, it only takes one phone call to get the right information and knowledge. So ideal!

We always look at what is best for your pet. That's why we don't have any rules that say we only refer within AniCura. If another veterinary clinic has the right competency, we are just as happy to refer you to that clinic.

3. More time for your animal

Another practical advantage of intensive collaboration: administration and purchasing are easier. For example, a team of specialists has selected the best medication and we purchase it together. This leaves more time for patient care, and it also ensures that small veterinary clinics have access to the best medical equipment and staff training. This all contributes to the best care for your pet.

4. From a simple bandage to complex operations

Because we invest a lot in our staff, we attract the best veterinarians, assistants and specialists. This allows us to help your pet with something small, such as putting on a bandage, but also perform major surgical operations and make complex diagnoses.

Our staff will always go through all the options with you if you are faced with difficult choices. We never perform treatments without first consulting with you.

5. Towards the veterinary medicine of the future

AniCura has been visited by more patients every year since 2011. We are convinced that this is because our customers appreciate our quality, service and the large investment in development.

This investment in development is reflected in cooperation, a common infrastructure, modern equipment and the development of advanced competencies and skills with our specialists.

Together we create the veterinary medicine of the future


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