About AniCura

Our committed veterinarians and specialists are there for you and your pet, whether it is for preventive care, ordinary animal care or specialist hospital care.

Together we shape the future of veterinary care through collaboration and knowledge sharing in a values-based organization.

Values ​​of AniCura

AniCura is a values-based organization. We share five guiding principles that lead all employees in the same direction.

  • Together: everyone plays an important role in our team. Everyone learns from each other. Our collaboration is across borders (clinics + countries). We are there for each other and provide assistance where needed, regardless of features and titles. We work together with our customers in the interest of the animal.
  • Responsibility and initiative: We are enterprising and take our responsibility. We see opportunities and capitalize on them. We are not afraid to rethink old ways of working and dare to be innovative. Every contact with the customer is important - we always go the extra mile.
  • Loving care: the welfare of the animal is our greatest responsibility. We care about people as much as we care about animals. We see the pet as a family member We always show compassion, concern and love. We treat everyone with respect and understanding.
  • Expertise and development: we always want to learn and develop more. We are happy to share our knowledge. We are at the forefront of developments and ensure progress. We go for scientifically substantiated methods. We always deliver quality, in a human way.
  • Honest and open: we speak clear language so that everyone understands us. We assume good intentions and establish facts. We only talk to each other and do not feed each other. We don't shy away from a difficult conversation. We admit our mistakes and make sure we learn from them.

More about our values? Go to the AniCura Group website (EN), for example about Value Based Leadership


Our vision:

"Shape the future of veterinary care, together"

We work towards our vision by acquiring leading veterinary expertise and knowledge and focusing on continuous development of quality and service.

More about our values? Go to: AniCura Group (EN)

AniCura The Netherlands vacancies

We invest in you. Happy employees make happy pet owners. And happy employees create an atmosphere in the workplace of continuous learning. Development and high quality are important at AniCura. Visit our seperate vacancy website. We're working hard on translating that from Dutch to English.

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High quality veterinary care is of the utmost importance to us at AniCura. Do you have points for improvement for us, or a complaint?
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